Scag Giant-Vac - High performance, commercial grade leaf and debris management equipment

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Proudly Made by Scag Power Equipment

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Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Blower 2,293 CFM

Scag Giant Vac Classic blower

Scag Giant-Vac - Extreme
High-Velocity Leaf and Debris Blowers

Tough jobs demand tough products and Scag Giant-Vac Leaf and Debris Blowers are ready to meet the challenge. The Scag Giant-Vac Extreme blower puts out UP TO 30% MORE CFM than competitors blowers using the same engine and larger fans. This makes the Extreme a compact powerhouse!

The Extreme blower utilizes all-welded steel construction along with commercial grade quality throughout the entire product. This blower is built to last and perform.

Why rake when a powerful blower like this makes leaf gathering a cinch. Quickly clean leaves and debris off your yard, driveway or anything else with this lightweight, yet powerful blower that won't fill your garage or break your pocketbook. Large air-filled rear tires and the ergonomic, thick comfort grip foam handles make pushing the Extreme easy.

  • Powerful, reliable and easy to start Subaru EX27 9.0 hp engine
  • 6-blade, fabricated, high CFM, steel impeller
  • 15" diameter impeller, 4.25 " wide
  • Impeller is dynamically balanced for smooth operation and optimum performance
  • 10 gauge welded steel engine platform
  • 10 gauge welded steel blower housing - front and rear housing plates
  • 12 gauge blower housing skirt
  • 6.0" wide blower housing
  • Eight (8) anti-vibration, iso-mounts on the handlebars to soak up vibration and keep hands comfortable
  • Discharge opening (5" x 5.25 "; 26.25 square inches)
  • Discharge positioned only 2" off the ground for better debris lifting.
  • 2 degree blower tilt angle further enhances ability to get airflow under leaves without losing ground clearance.
  • Commercial grade throttle control mounted to the handlebars
  • Heavy-duty, tubular steel handles
  • Handles feature a thick, comfort foam grip
  • Remote discharge angle control located at the operators position
  • Front and side discharge for better control over debris dispersal. Simple lever at discharge chute to select front or side blowing direction
  • 8.5" air inlet to supply the blower with ample air volume
  • Heavy-duty 3/4” solid steel axles
  • Powder coat paint for durability, protection and long life
Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Pro Debris Blower
Fabricated and Balanced 15" 6-Blade Impeller
Extra Large Rear Tires
Extreme Performance vs. other 9hp Blowers
Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Blowers - Impeller Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Blowers - Rear Tire Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Blowers - Performance Comparison

Remote Air Flow Door Control
8-Point Anti-Vibration System
2 Degree Blower Tilt to Get Under Tough Debris
Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Blowers - Remote Door Control Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Blowers - 8-Point Anti-Vibration Handle Mount System Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Blowers - 2 Degrees of Angle for Enhanced Perforamnce

10 and 12 Gauge Welded Steel Housing
5" X 5.25 " Discharge Opening
Commercial Grade Throttle and Comfort-Foam Grip
Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Blowers - Blower Housing Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Blowers - Discharge Opening Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Blowers - Commercial Grade Remote Throttle

Integrated Tie-Downs
Subaru EX-27 9.0hp Engine
Forward and Side Discharge Lever
Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Blowers - Tie Downs Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Blowers - Subaru engine Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Blowers - Discharge Lever

  Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Leaf and Debris Blower Specifications
Model LBX15-EX27
Engine Subaru EX-27
Horsepower 9.0hp
Engine Frame Construction All steel, welded 10 gauge
Blower Housing Construction All steel, welded 10 gauge front and back housing plates; 12 gauge skirt
Blower Housing Width 6.0"
Impeller Construction All steel, welded, 6-blade, dynamically balanced
Impeller Mounting Tapered hub
Impeller Diameter 15"
Impeller Width 4.25"
Vibration Control 8-point rubber iso-mount, anti-vibration system with thick, comfort foam handlebar grip
Handle Height 3-Position Adjustable (42-1/4”, 43-1/2, 44-3/4”)
CFM output 2.293 CFM
Axle 3/4" diameter steel axle
Rear Wheels 410 X 3.5" (pneumatic)
Front Wheel 9" x 3.5" (pneumatic)
Throttle Control Commercial-grade, all steel mechanical, plastic debris cover
Front / Side Discharge Control Quick-Lever located at discharge
Remote Discharge Angle Control Yes - located for easy reach from operators position
Length 50"
Width 28"
Height 42-1/4”, 43-1/2, 44-3/4”
Weight 155 lbs.
2-Year Commercial, 2-Year Residential; 90-day Rental
Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Blower